About Us

The memories that stay with us forever are those happy and fun-filled childhood memories. Energy and bounce, screams and yells. Climbing and jumping, sliding and rolling. Children in Bangalore today can experience all these, as much as you did when you were their age. And maybe enjoy them more than you did too.

Thanks to Jumporee, Bangalore's first exclusive Bounce House rental provider, we bring you an absolutely safe and delightful play zone to your doorstep. Bounce Houses have been used in the US, Europe and Australia for over 50 years now. You may have seen and used bounces houses when you lived or were on vacation abroad or must have seen it very rarely at malls.

Jumporee is working to establish what a proven business model is abroad for over half a century. The company has been started by a young entrepreneur and mother who is passionate about helping kids have a safe, happy and fun-filled childhood.



Jumporee believes that safety is the most important aspect of any inflatable rental. All of our equipment is inspected after set up in order to ensure that the unit is safe for all participants. We also train all our staff on safe operation of inflatables. In addition, we inspect our equipment after the rental to make sure that the units stay in good health. Safety is a key reason why you should choose to have Jumporee.

Cleanliness and Upkeep:

Choosing to rent an inflatable for your next party can be a significant investment, so your money should get you the best! We clean and sanitize our equipment after each rental to meet the highest standards. The upkeep that we perform on our equipment is to ensure that it will always look its best for your next party!


From providing consultative sales on the first phone call to arriving with clean, sanitized equipment, our goal is to make your entire experience with Jumporee a pleasant one. We promise to always look out for your best interest and do the best we can.

Shopping for the Best Deal:

We understand that price is an important component in your decision to choose a company to service your next event. We hope that you will find our pricing to be very competitive. We know that we are not the least or most expensive provider in our industry. We do offer fair and competitive pricing while providing the best service and value.

Our Goal

Our goal is to create an absolutely safe, clean and delightful play zone at your doorstep.


As a parent, your family's safety is a priority! Our Inflatables are safe by design, giving you complete peace of mind.
Our custom made inflatables are a lot of fun! No more “I'm bored“.
Fun is key to your child's mental and physical development. Inflatable helps accelerate the progress of motion skills, balance, and coordination, making them more confident all around. It is a best team building exercise too.
Child obesity is a big problem. Most kids spend too much time watching TV or playing video games, so it's really important to get outside and be active. Fun with inflatables is great, fun exercise! Ten minutes of playing in is as good as 30-minute running exercise and way more fun!
Our Inflatables aren't just like any other inflatable that you rent locally. We have taken utmost care in quality, safety and comfort of the kid. Our inflatables are manufactured according to and conform to US ASTM and European standards E71. They are lead free and fire retardant.