Frequently Asked Questions


1. Can the inflatable be set up in a driveway?

The preferred area is a smooth grassy area. However, paved driveways are also acceptable. Please discuss this when booking so we can make arrangement to properly secure the inflatable

2. Are your inflatable units insured ?

Yes, all of our inflatables carry a liability insurance policy.

3. What is your delivery charge ?

Our prices excludes delivery charges. Delivery will be charged as per the chart available on the policy page. Special deliveries may include an additional charge.

4. Can we rent the inflatable for a party at the park ?

You will need to contact appropriate authorities and ask permission. You would also need to make sure that there is power available and that there is a smooth flat surface with no low hanging tree limbs within the area on which the inflatable will be set up.

5. What kind of deposit do you require ?

Rs.1000 or 25% of the rentel cost due at the time of reservation.

6. What about the weather ?

While Mother Nature is always unpredictable, weather conditions play an important role in the safety. If it begins to rain or storms are in the area, or if the winds become strong (25 kmph or more) we will turn the unit off and unplug it from the power source until the weather passes through the area.

7. How many people are allowed inside your inflatable ?

It all depends on the age of the riders as well as the rented unit. Normal Restrictions: 1000 lbs/450 kgs, not to exceed 8 children

8. Can we hook the inflatable to a generator ?

Yes, generators are available at extra cost and it should be informed to us 1 week prior to the party for making necessary arrangements.

9. What kind of power source is needed ?

We need 220 volt, 15AMP plug point, 5 kva power source for each inflatable. Some bigger units require two blowers and hence require 10 kva power and two 15 AMP plug points. Should your area not be in reach of an outlet, generators are available at extra cost at actual price from vendor. Customers have to inform Jumporee about the power source when we complete the contact reservation questionnaire. For every event, we bring extension cord up to 100 feet for use if the wall outlet is not nearby.

10. Can an inflatable be set up indoors ?

Yes, our units can be set up inside or outside. You will need to have enough ceiling height (check dimensions on our units) to accommodate the inflatable. The inflatable must not be near hot lights, a/c vents or any fire hazard. Many commercial halls, malls, or gyms will do fine.

11. Can I set up the inflatable near my pool ?

No, safety is our number one concern. The inflatable must be set up a safe distance away from a pool or water front.

12. Can I pick up the inflatable and set it up myself to cut costs ?

No, safety is our number one concern. It is Jumporee's responsibility to ensure that the inflatable is properly set up and received a complete safety check.Our staff will provide safety training before allowing the kids inside the unit.

13. How safe are your inflatable units?

Our inflatables are constructed with quality and safety in mind. All of our units are constructed from very durable commercial grade vinyl with double and quadruple stitching. All of our inflatable units meet and /or exceed US rental industry standards.Each of our inflatable units is equipped with a non-removable list of rules.We will also supply guidelines for safe use and recommended number of children that should be allowed to use the unit at one time.

14. What do I need to do to prepare for the rental ?

Make sure there will be easy access to the set up site for delivery, and that there are no rocks, sticks, animal droppings or other debris in the area. Also, area must be flat and free from tree limbs and any utility lines.

15. Do you supervise events ?

Yes, we provide one or two staff depending on the inflatable to supervise at the event. If you require additional staff, then there is an additional charge of Rs.250 per hour for 1 staff. Typically, one associate is enough to manage 1 unit upto 15 feet.

16. Are the inflatable units clean ?

We clean the units before and after each rental. It is cleaned and wiped down thoroughly with an antibacterial agent. The units are stored in a clean dry area to ensure the units will ready for use at any time.

17. When should I reserve the inflatable that I want ?

Please understand that we work on a first come, first serve basis. Please feel free to call Jumporee Inflatable s @ 9663879295 or 7204099782 to check for availability. If we are booked for the date that you need, we can also place you on a reserve list in case of cancellations.

18. What methods of payment are accepted ?

We accept cash and check.

19. How long will it take to set up and tear down ?

We require at least 1-1:30 hours for set up and 20-30 min. to review all safety procedures and rental agreement. We also require 1 - 1:30 hours to take the unit down and exit your property. These times may vary, and should be only used as a general guideline.

20. What is considered a full day rental ?

A full day rental is a 8 hour rental period excluding the setup and breakdown.

21. Can I rent an inflatable for more than one day ?

Yes, we can accommodate your needs while providing you with a multi-day rental discount! Call Jumporee Inflatables @ 9663879295 for a Quote!

22. Do you set up the inflatable the night before ?

No, we always set up the morning of your party or function.

23. Do you pick the Inflatable up the next day ?

No, we always pick the inflatable up the same day. This policy helps keep our units in pristine condition. This also takes the liability off of you the customer, for any damage or theft to the unit during the night.

24. Will there be any additional charge for increasing the duration of the rental?

If the client wishes to extent the party hours from our normal package hours, then we will charge extra for each additional hour based on the bouncy that have been rented.

25. Where do you deliver to?

For Bangalore Customers:

Bangalore branch does events all over Bangalore and near by cities in Bangalore like Hosur, Salem, Madurai, Bangarpet, Tirupathy, Vellore, Mysore and other outstation cities.

For Coimbatore Customers:

Our Coimbatore Franchisee will do events all over Coimbatore and nearby cities upto 150 km radius. Customers from Ooty, Mettupalayam, Pallakad, Tirupur, Avinashi, Erode, Palani, Karur and Pollachi can contact our Coimbatore Franchisee for party rentals.